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Tripple Threat

Tripple Threat

Artikelcode: 8717185533965

Ex-assassin, Dina Lo Bianca, receives an offer she cannot refuse, thrusting her back into the world of hired guns, espionage and surveillance. With the help of her young sexy protégé and Dina's new straight-laced love interest, the femme fatal uncovers a sinister plot involving murder, terrorism and international intrigue. Dina's intended target leads her directly into the line of fire and exposes those around her to the dangers of dealing with terrorists and a maniacal and deadly opponent. Hunters become the hunted, identities become obscured and deception becomes as crucial as the truth. Beauty, brains, and a killer personality- "Triple Threat" is an action filled thriller, loaded with bikinis, bikes, brawls and action - Charlie's Angels meets Easy Rider meets Bond! A fun, entertaining, rocking and sexy feature with rising star talent presented by a true independent film director: Mark Vasconcellos

De mooie Dina Lo Bianca krijgt een aanbieding die ze niet kan weigeren. Deze femme-fatale ontdekt een duister plot over moord, terrorisme en internationale intriges. Dina komt midden in het web van misdaad, terrorisme en verraad terecht. Hoe slaat ze zich hier doorheen?

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Director: Mark Vasconcellos
Cast: Lorin Becker, Curt Bonnem, Micheal Bruchieri
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Label: Unknown Distribution: Exult Import
Release: 2005 USA | Number of disks: 1
Runtime: 96 MIN | Territory / Region: 2 / World PAL
Picture: 4:3 Letterbox | Sound:
English Dolby 2.0 Image: Color
Subtitels: Dutch | Language: English

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