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Germaine De Beuckeleer (Martine De Graeve) works as a toiletlady in a local trainstation. One day she gets the visit of a pretentious tax collector (Gunther Vanhuyse) who locks himself up in the toilets for the time of one hour. During that hour he discovers that Germaine has no less than 75 male customers and doubled for the women make 150 costomers in an hour. Once at his office he calculates that she earned no less than 546.000 euro's over the past 2,5 years. Therefor she receives a bill to pay no less than 460.000 euro's to the Belgian Goverment by means of settlement. However during his stay in the toilets Andre discovered that a guy(Marnik Vanholder) is dealing drugs while the substance is exactly the same as the milkpowder and sugar Andre receives for free at his offices. Therefor he decides to start an illegal drugbusiness of his own, but in stead of selling real drugs, he sells the milkpowder and the sugar, and all of this, ONE hour EARLIER before the arrival of the real dealer. The results are clear, the taxcollector earns illegal (black) money, the dealer isn't selling anything anymore and the junks especially Freddy (Bert Gabriels) kick off without them realizing what is going on. More Freddy the junk seems to have an allergie for dairy products. Simultaneaously, for several weeks, the city is being terrorised by a serial killer using the female toilets as him dumpingsite, causing the toilets to clog down. When this happens, Polydor, the handy man has to show up and fix it all.... And one day all of the above comes together and hell breaks loose.

Germaine, toiletdame in het station van Kortrijk, krijgt bezoek van inspecteur Mettepenningen, een controleur van de belastingen. Op onnavolgbare wijze berekent deze brave staatsambtenaar 546.000 euro aan verdoken inkomsten. De brave Germaine wordt ook nog eens geconfronteerd met enkel nozems die een drugshandeltje in de wc's opgezet hebben, en bovendien wordt Kortrijk geteisterd door een seriemoordenaar die vrouwen in stukken snijdt.

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Director: Johan Vandewoestijne
Cast: Bert Gabriëls, Gunther Vanhuyse, Hugo Vanden Bremt, Marnik Van Holder, Martine Degraeve
Extra:  Musicvideo, Photogallery etc...

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Label: Zeno Pictures
Release: 2014 | Number of disks: 1
Runtime: 100 MIN | Territory / Region: 0
Picture: 16:9 Widescreen | Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 | Image: Color
Subtitels: Dutch, English, French, German| Language: Dutch

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