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American Poltergeist

American Poltergeist

Artikelcode: WILDEAP1

A group of amateur paranormal investigators decide to taunt spirits from the afterlife in a last ditch attempt to record a real poltergeist encounter. The experiment works, but they awaken something angry and very deadly - something that follows them home. Now they will have to defend their families from the spirits who are not going away without taking some souls with them..

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Director: Jordan Pacheco
Cast: Tony Moran, Christopher P. O'Reilly, Nicole Lasala |
Director Commentary, Behind the scenes featurette, Previews

Label: Wild Eye Release
Release: USA 2013 | Number of disks: 1
Runtime: 85 MIN | Territory / Region:
ALL / World NTSC
Picture: 4:3 Fullscreen
Sound: Stereo| Image: Color
Subtitels: English | Language:

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