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I Spit On Your Naked Corpse

I Spit On Your Naked Corpse

Artikelcode: MVD5083D

5 brutal horror movies that will leave you gasping for air! - SADOMASTER - When members of a Nazi gang torture and rape a mentally handicapped man, a mysterious Mashed Avenger begins his brutal revenge against the gangs and the corrupt politicians. CHINA WHITE SERPENTINE - Struggling writer Dave Croninch is investigating the mysterious death of his younger brother Trent, who was enticed by dark forces and entrapped in a lair of sin. SEPARATION ANXIETY: DEAD BODY MAN 2 - Willie is back for another round of killing and porn watching. BIZARRE LUST OF A SEXUAL DEVIANT - A prowler is on the loose in the city. He stalks women, chloroforms them, and then molests their unconscious naked bodies. I SPIT ON YOUR CORPSE, I PISS ON YOUR GRAVE (ORIGINAL CUT) - Sandy (Emily Haack) has stumbled onto a lair of torture and humiliation. She was abducted and brought to this pit of pain as the next intended victim. But Sandy overthrows her captor and kills him. Her mind snaps and she assumes control over the prisoners, taking them as her own play toys.

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Director: Various
Cast: Various
Extra: Trailers

Label: SRS Cinema LLC
Release: 08-02-2011 | Number of disks: 5
Runtime: 371 MIN | Territory / Region: All / World NTSC
Picture: 4:3 | Sound: Stereo| Image: Color
Subtitels: English | Language: English

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