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Plan 9 From Syracuse

Plan 9 From Syracuse

Artikelcode: SRS12553

How far are you willing to go for a dream? On August 15th, 2006, filmmaker Ryan Dacko set out to get a 30-minute meeting with a major Hollywood producer by running on foot from Syracuse, New York to Hollywood, California. Plan 9 from Syracuse documents all the events surrounding Dacko???s historical trek across the United States of America. In an ultimate example of reality filmmaking, every piece of footage is placed in chronological order as the events of Plan 9 from Syracuse are shown exactly as they happened. Watch as one man fights, with pure heart and determination, through blizzards, sandstorms, injuries, and an uncertain outcome. Plan 9 from Syracuse ???presents a stunning portrait of bravery and dedication??? (Phil Hall, Film Threat Magazine). The result is a truely inspirational, and in-your-face look into the reality of independent filmmaking in the 21st century. Through intense video footage, brilliant still photography, and a haunting soundtrack by the acclaimed band, The Lost Patrol, another chapter is written in history as one man continues the classic pursuit of the American Dream: Plan 9 from Syracuse.

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Director: Ryan Dacko
Cast:  Ryan Dacko
Extra: Trailers

Label: SRS Cinema LLC
Release: 27-04-2004 | Number of disks: 1
Runtime: 99 MIN | Territory / Region: All / World NTSC
Picture: 4:3 | Sound: Stereo| Image: Color
Subtitels: English | Language: English

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